Friday, November 30, 2007

Technical Details

Okay, so to invite people to write on this blog, log in to, under this blog, click the "Settings" link, and near to the top of the page there is a whole row of links under the "Settings" category: click on "Permissions". You can only invite people if you are an administrator, which I've done for everyone who has accepted to write so far.

I think we're off to a great start! Kirstie, I agree with all your proposed topics, and leave the floor open for anything else that might come up in the course of our lives, cold cream included.

And maybe Jo Ann could make the sweater, but make it less ugly by choosing other colors and tweaking the pattern -- then it's not only the wonderful sweater he wanted, but also wonderfully unique by virtue of his wife's inventiveness....

In other news, I love continental stitch (is it even a stitch?) and am SUPER nervous about the Agora tomorrow.

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